Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Not so Quiet Please:

Mountain Man has been in the house a lot lately. Mostly on his back on the floor napping. This has led to a lot of quiet around here.

When he is outside working I have music or the TV/DVD going, more for company than entertainment.

I grew up in pandemonium. Oldest of six kids, all within ten years, no twins. In the upstairs apartment were two more kids. The neighbors to the left had five kids, and to the right nine. Behind us was the family that had seven, and across the street were two families with three kids.

And our little cluster was not the only one in the neighborhood. There were the houses on the other sides of the ones adjacent to our house.
There were more kids in our yard than blades of grass most years I was growing up.

Though I only had two children of my own, we had foster children and neighborhood kids a plenty at our house most all the time.

Than I met and married Mountain Man. I moved out of the city and into the country. My daughter was still living with me/us. She had friends around. But that was many years ago.

I’ve found I don’t like too much quiet. I crave the noise of people around after a time when I’m by myself.

When we work we often have music or the radio on a talk show and we chit chat. But with his napping it has been far too quiet for me for far too many hours of the day.

It’s just not natural. I need a little noise.

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Anonymous said...

I completely understand what you mean. The first thing I do in the morning is turn the TV on, not so much to watch it, just for the noise. I can't sleep unless the TV is on either.