Friday, August 13, 2010

On Another Friday the Thirteenth:

I just don’t get it. They really aren’t different from any other day of the year. I’ve watch them for some time now and nothing ever happens to make me see them any differently.

Oh, I wanted to believe. A magical configuration of stars, numbers, and the time space continuum. The missing socks don’t reappear, keys aren’t any easier to find. Nor do things go bad any more often.

I could use the excitement. A special day of interesting happenings.

So now, Do you believe in Friday the Thirteenth?

Tell me why, I really want to know. I was fun back when I believed. Maybe I can believe once again.



I am remarkedly not superstitious anymore. I still do some things out of habit, i.e. not closing a knife that another person opened, but black cats, broken mirrors, astrology, and such like are nothing to me.

Today is my niece's 18th birthday even! A happy day.

BlackCrow said...

I completely forgot it was friday the 13th yesterday...which is weird as I'm starting to think 13 is my lucky number! I was hoping '8' would be but '13' seems to pop up in what ever I do.
I think that I still have some superstitions about things...I never buy even numbers of fruit or veggies. Ladders too, I wouldn't walk under them. Black cats, well they are pretty cool and nothing superstitious about them.

Mouse said...

Friday the 13th is usually a really good and positive day for me... so I don't buy into the superstition.

Anonymous said...

I'm like you, Friday 13th is just another day but my husband hates it...won't leave the house unless he has to BUT that's only if he remembers or realises!

It's only bad luck if you're superstitious, right?