Monday, August 9, 2010

On Back to Back:

Well, I’m not doing as much canning today.

Bet you can’t guess why?

So, I’ll tell you. Mountain Man the Invincible put his back out yesterday. When he can get up he is all hunched over, but most of the time he is on his back with cold packs and heat alternately.

And of course I’m doing all there is to do around here. So this is short and sweet. It may be a few days before I get back to you here.

Please, not a few more days of all this work by myself.

Okay, I’m done venting. Back to work.


September said...

Thank you for the follow, now that it is mutual. Take care, don't work too hard.

September Carolan

Mouse said...

Sorry to hear about Mountain Man's back - as someone with chronic back problems I really feel for him and I hope he gets well soon.