Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On No Rest for the Weary:

Lady Long the dashund dog is lame at the moment. She hurt her knee and started limping and that lead to her putting her back out.

So now she is literally dragging her butt. They have her in steroids and bed rest.

I’m not complaining, she has been a very good dog for almost thirteen years. I love her and would do most anything for her and do.

But, it is really cutting into my time. I don’t have time to think these days.

She seems to be getting slowly better. I am very grateful for that.

And the veggies need canning, and the house needs cleaning, and the laundry needs washing, and I have to be the dogs hind legs so she can go out and do her business, and I have to get exercise…

Busy and missing my friends here.

And I need a long, good nights sleep.

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