Monday, November 14, 2011

On …Sometimes the Bear Gets You:

I was got by an allergy attack.

Mountain Man and I crashed into each other in the doorway a few days back. And with a cloud of dust and dirt I was struck down. All would have been well had he not come back from the barn after cleaning out a nasty old corner where the old dusty hay was.

My eyes were all red and swollen (No reading, computer or crafting.), and I was all sneezes and miserable for two days.

I’m good if I get to take my meds first, but I wasn’t going any where near the barn while he was working, so I didn’t bother to take any.

So as the saying goes, ‘Sometimes you get the bear, and Sometimes the bear gets you.’

I did find that I can watch quite a few DVD’s in my head while listening to them. Does that mean I watch them too often or that I’m a TV head?

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