Saturday, November 5, 2011

On Grandma Candy Memories:

When I was a little girl. Way back in the day. My grandmother had a large conch shell candy dish on a lace doily that she crocheted on the table in the parlor. There was her Ebony Elephant collection on the shelf watching over the parlor and her things therein.

We would try to sneak a piece of candy now and then. She would always know what we were up to and call out from the kitchen to leave the candy alone.

I came across a small conch shell and made it a candy dish for one of my doll houses. It sat empty for months in the middle of the table on a hand made lace doily.

Picture frames, an elephant statue and a crystal ball on a black velvet pillow, along with a card to read palms with ring it.

Today I sifted through my miss matched, broken and malformed beads picking just the right sizes.

I cut up pieces of used, put still useful, tissue paper and cut them in almost inch squares.

Twisting them carefully around the beads I made candy for the dish.

I filled it with the butterscotch candy and left the taffy for another day.

My Grandmother would have like my project if she was still alive. And the fact that my sweet memories of her home are much of what I pull ideas from for the doll houses.

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