Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Dancing with Dust Bunnies:

I am not a great house cleaner.

Oh my dishes and food surfaces are quite clean. My bathroom is clean too. The place is vacuumed regularly. And I keep up with the laundry.

But I’m just not a duster.

You see, I have better things to do than to dust clean surfaces just because it is that day of the week to do so.

And once the dust collects I say to myself, ‘Why bother to move it when it will only be back in a few days anyway.’ And with a wood stove it feels like all worlds dust is spawned at my house.

So now it is a week before my guests arrive for the Thanksgiving holiday. And I am tackling all things dusty and even the might be’s.

Music on and armed with my trusty duster rag I go off looking for my well cultured dust bunnies.

I’ve emptied the hutch, where the better everyday dishes are kept for lack of owning any real china, and wash it and them to a shine.

After that the cabinets for pots, pans, canning jars and other food stuffs get a once over.

I’ve taken down all my baskets on my beams and washed them down too. (Yes, you can wash baskets off with a fairly good spray if you dry them fairly fast afterwards.) I hang mine over the wood stove to dry and put them back after the beams were vacuumed.

I am dusting and cleaning every surface I can reach. (Mountain Man handles the highest ones.)

I’m tired after two days of this dusting mania. And I have only gotten two rooms done.

It is a shame that my older, more interesting cobwebs in the corners have been sacrificed for the good of a holiday. But even I don’t want to have them falling in my food. And with all this cleaning ruckus they have gotten a little shaky on their perches.

And so goes my days of late. When you hear a bit of music just think of me as Dancing with Dust Bunnies.


Anonymous said...

lol...when we got back from whitby goth weekend i felt the urge to move and change everything! the husband was armed with nails and bits of fabric and everything! hope you have a great thanks giving and i hope the weather is kinder to you than of late. as for your dust bunnies the ones under my bed have teeth!! take care

Kushuka said...

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Andrea said...

Hail fellow dust collector. Beware the over-zealous dusting. It may change your life in unexpected ways.