Thursday, November 10, 2011

On Its Raining Again:

Mountain Man had been taking advantage of the nice weather to get a lot of things done around here. I’d been helping, but staying out of the sun as much as possible.

For ten days we had rain free days (First time in over a year.) and it is over. Lovely gray and damp again.

Now that Mountain Man is not as busy he has taken to dancing with me in the kitchen again. Something that strikes him now and again.

The dog, of course, wanted to join into the fun and hopped around down by our feet. What he was thinking that we are doing I couldn’t tell you. But if we are doing it… he wanted to play a part. Silly puppy!

Rainy days are not lost on us. They are days of renewal. Watering plants, rest from fast growth, cooler temperatures for the plants outside.

Tea and books, contemplation and inner growth, slowing down from the rat race, for us inside the house.

My run of making a few things for the doll houses each day is still on.

Baking sheets for cookies and baking pans, (A recycle from old toss away aluminum pie plates). Some knife rests from beads and wire (Small barbell type things for keeping greasy knives from touching and staining your pretty table cloths).

And some muffins from those wooden plugs that cover holes in some furniture so you don’t see the screw holes and/or screw heads. (Their called buttons by the way.) I painted them over in watered down brown paint and used some colored markers to add raisins, cranberries, and blueberries to some of them.

I’m thinking that the Thanksgiving holiday just might derail me there. Having guests for a few days changes things as it pulls you off of schedule. But I wouldn’t mind. And I might just get me back to some knitting again.

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