Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Lost in a Little World:

Yesterday I was doing a rewrite on one of the books I’m writing for the dolls and I was at it until the wee hours of the morning. I surprised myself at how the time flew by.

You see, at first there was only one house and one story. Then when I made the other house I felt that whoever got each house after I’m gone should have the story that went with the dolls living there. So I pulled the story apart and did a dove tail thing with them and made it two stories.

The problem was that the story to the house with the older young women was, well I’ll say it, duller. It needed punching up a bit. That was what the rewrite was all about.

And today I was making more doll house stuff. Namely kitchen things. Wooden boxes like you get produce in. Finding old fashion labels on the internet small enough to print, cut out, and paste on the little glass jars and boxes of food stuff. I fixed a handle on a pot that hangs in the one kitchen fire place. And made plans to make a dry sink.

Let me just say that the inventory list for all this stuff is over 20 typed pages and growing. Yes, even I can’t keep it all straight without a list and most all of it came from my head and hands.

I am felling really good about getting back at this project. Too long left to collect dust.

Not that I lacked enthusiasm. It was more of a over whelmed feeling. Kinda’ like ‘Too big to ever accomplish, and that is scary.’ kind of thing.

I mean, who makes the dolls, all their clothing, houses and makes and collects all their stuff… Writes books about their lives… And stages all the illustrations… Plus takes all the pictures for it over fifteen years?

A bit of a dizzy lady that has too much time on her hands and likes to be creative and to keep busy. That’s who!

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whitey said...

My goodness the detail you put into those little rooms then to make up stories to go with them you amaze me!