Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On So Sorry, All My Fault:

It’s the weather you see.

We just realized it is all my fault.

Back in November, Mountain Man and I were talking about the winters when we were kids. The good old day stuff all us oldies supposedly talk about endlessly.

Anyway I said to him that, “I’d like to see a winter like the kind I had back when I was in grade school.” And I really wished it to be true at that moment in time. (Who knew I had so much power?)

And so here we are. A long drawn out winter that won’t stop and can’t decide what to do with itself.

I didn’t really want to impose it on everyone along with me.

But the weather gods are fickle. They like to go all out and show what they are made of.

So I’ll say it again publicly, “I’m So Very Sorry! Its All My Fault. I should watch out for what I say in case the weather gods are listening. And I shall in future.”

Sincerely, Lady Euphoria

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