Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Pet Connections:

First I’d like to say thank you for all those kind words over the loss of my long time dog friend. It really means a lot to me.

I do have more I need to say about my connections with Lady Long.

I think that this one is harder for me, mostly because she was the last pet we had that was still alive before my son died.

I have memories of the two of them playing on the floor, he a large man child and she a wee puppy. She would win the day, mostly because the uncontrollable laughter she created in him. I would remember that when I’d look at her many times over the years. And now that connection too is gone.

They are only dogs, pets, playthings, you say? Hardly! Is my reply.

They are roots to ground us, laughter to lighten us, repetition to mellow us, love to carry us, faithful to sooth us, mates to fill our souls.

Sure it takes time to walk them, money to feed and keep them healthy, and energy to clean up after them. But what they give to us is so much more than we give them.

If you have never had that with a pet, I feel as sorry for you as I am hurting at the loss of it right now. It is a wonderful thing.

It is why we hurt so much when they are gone. They leave a mighty hole in your life when they are no longer there.

But life does move on. I will feel better as the days move forward. I may even get another pet. But there will always be a piece of my heart only for my Lady Long.

PS: I’ll try to be in a lighter mood tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

You express things so eloquently. I'm trying in earnest to teach my dearest dog that barking at me is pointless--it canbe rustrating, but it sill makes me laugh. It's so easy to foget in the moment how ownderful even the less than pleasant times with them really are. But I find myself feeling as you do now, even though my darling is still quit young. That's a funny ting about love--we don't cease loving because we lose someone; rather, their memory gives us strenghth to love more. And I think that is the best legacy anyone could leave--including our dearest family and friends. I drea of one day seeing all of the animals I've known again; perhaps even watching htem play together. It is a silly dream, but it makes me happy when I am really missing someone, or very frustrated with another.

whitey said...

It makes it double hard this one.
After my Dad died his dog went up to Montana to live with a grandaughter on a ranch, a good life for a dog. Then on the day of my father's birtdhay she drowned in a ditch. It was almost like he had whistled for her and she went.
So sorry for your double loss.