Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On Knight Wear:

First a joke: Which is heavier? A pound of feathers or a pound of rocks?

The chain mail is a pit heavier then you’d think despite being made of aluminum links. It’s a volume thing. The more of them the heavier it is. But not too heavy to wear for a few hours. The head does seem lighter when it is off though.

You’d have to be pretty strong to do a real suit of armor and be able to still fight. A younger persons game.

I should pull out my chain mail gauntlets, if I can find them in all the boxes of my older Goth stuff. They were a pain to put on because I linked them together on me. They didn’t have catches on them to get them on or off. I should redo them with tied up bits of ribbon or some such thing. You can’t lace them up because it pulls on the links wrong.

I love that Miss Mousie from Knotty Mouse has a chainmail top. Sorry no picture here or there. (I’m sure it can be brought back up to its former glory with a little help.) That is how I got started making my own. I helped fix someone else’s chainmail at a fair once.

I’d love to have more chainmail clothing. Like a top or two, one waist length with no sleeves and the other long with long sleeves. But that would have to wait until I have more money and time. And maybe less of me to have to get around.

(For those that haven’t heard that old joke before.) Answer: A pound is a pound. They weight the same. You only want to say rock because one rock is heavier then one feather.

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Mouse said...

A skirt actually- I'll have to pull it out and photograph it so you can see it.. its an amazing piece of work! I wore it with either black "bike shorts" under it or a short black cotton skirt- no wardrobe malfunctions here!! hee hee.