Monday, March 7, 2011

On Knights and Days:

I took my own advice and pulled out an unfinished craft project.

(Sorry for the model quality. The picture of me in it didn’t come out good enough to see the Chainmail Headpiece well at all. It is an up ended bowl on top of a large, round box of oatmeal. And yes, that is my messy desk in the back ground.)

I started making myself this chainmail headpiece some time ago, but I ran out of black 12 gage wire, half way down the face. It sat in a draw undone for about six months.

Mountain Man combed the craft stores and bought me a bunch of the aluminum floral wire I was using for the job. (5 yard lengths, found in the floral section of craft stores. And it comes in other colors too.)

I still have some inches of collar length to go. But I couldn’t wait to show you. I think it is looking good so far.

My hands hurt from bending wire for so long at a stretch. I couldn’t stop making it.

You take the wire and wrap it around a rod or dowel, the size you want the links to be.

You cut the Curly-Q wire down one side of the coiled tube you made and you have links all the same size.

Open them up and link them closed on each other and together you have chainmail.

(There are a lot of good tutorials for making chainmail out there on both Youtube or written out, so I will spare you my teachings here.)

I’ll try to finish it off today or tomorrow depending on what Mountain Man has for me to do. I heard thoughts of a new jigsaw puzzle coming my way. It may have to wait.



That is so very cool! Glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome-looking! Is it comfortable? I've never worn chainmail, so I have no clue. It looks like it might take some getting used to.

whitey said...

You must of a lot of pa·tience!

Mouse said...

I have the most gorgeous chainmail 'skirt' that I used to wear to clubs but alas, its in dire need of a few *cough* links in order to make it wearable again at my current size. I love your headdress.. its VERY cool.