Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On Never Ending Winter or ‘Time for Spring I Say‘:

Not that I‘m complaining, because I’m not. I’m not a summer person. If I ever have to move, it will be north not south.

Mountain Man does not like this year of the never ending Winter. He can’t wait to see green things growing and play outside all day again.

We had Spring for a day on Spring the first. And woke to inches of white stuff on every outdoor surface the next morning.

Today wet and tomorrow more snow of the plow-able kind.

I refer you to the cartoon that we watch ever year on the first of Spring. I hope it helps you through the days until Spring is finally here for good.

(It might be cut off on the side in my blog so if it is just click on it and you will go to YouTube and see the whole thing.)


Mouse said...

I just heard from friends & family that PA was supposed to have another round of wintery weather... I find it really hard to believe considering it was 82F here in Georgia today!! While I would love a longer period of time to wear my knitwear.. I do love being barefoot, which doesn't go so well in snowy cold weather!!

whitey said...

Same here woke up to a dusting of the white stuff , I know spring is getting close the robins are starting to sing in the early morn.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about winter. Snow and ice is pretty for about five seconds, and then I want it to go away so I can go outside for a walk without turning into a human popsicle.