Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cold, Cold, Go Away!

Well if you live in the North Western Hemisphere you know about the deep cold we are experiencing in the East.

The icicles hanging from the house are not growing but being sanded away by the blowing dry sandy grains of icy snow in the wind.

The birds eat at the bird feeder in desperation.  Being knocked about by the high winds.  The warm water put out for them freezes before they all can get a drink.

I am warm and well.  Woodstoves work whether the lights are on or not.  As was proven when a tree came down on the power lines cutting us off.  The men took longer than they would have in warmer weather to fix it.  Because they needed to go into the truck and warm themselves in frequent bouts of time.

I didn't mind the time.  And I told them so.  I had warmth and candles.  They were working in the dark and wind on one of the most bitter cold nights in years.

I did have to give up wearing my Gothy clothing.  Layers of clothing whatever fits over the others to stay warm even in the house.  Stepping away from the wood stove you can feel the drop in temperature.  And you come back as quickly as you can to warm up again.

Warmer weather will come again.  I feel and grieve for those who have it worse than I do.  I hope that the mittens and hats I have made and given to the needy are still out there and helping in this cold.

I wish I could do so much more.

Next Sunday is the Thankfulness Tea Party.  I am thankful now for the good things I have right now keeping me warm and safe from the cold outside my door.

Even if you like winter sports, there is a point when it is just too cold.
Keep safe and warm all of you.

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Sylvie Little Corp Goth Girl said...

I know it is bloody cold here too. Here's to a nice hot cup of tea :)