Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Meme Conundrum

Oh No! Another “Meme” is going around.  “100 Things”

I have a love/hate relationship with Memes.

They fill the gap when you are running out of babble in your head that others might find interesting.
They help me get back into a blogging groove when other things try to pull my attention away.  And I like to find out about the things others have done or liked.

But I find myself thinking in a chant type of repetition, “This is not a test.  No failure grading will follow.”

Did I tell you my fear of tests and my public humiliation from my failure of them?  Very bad childhood memories of nuns with rulers.  (Now I’m not knocking nuns here.  This was a select few.)  I could tell you stories.  (I do know the right answer.  I just don’t do tests well.)  They never understood.  The memories burn me still.

Yes, I am an adult.  I do know the difference between a Meme for enjoyment and a test.  But the mind is a tricky thing.  It was more than a week of nail biting torture for me to put out the ones I have done lately.

I can stand on my own.  I don’t need anyone else’s approval for my choices.  And I know in my soul that there are no right or wrong answers to these silly things.

Still it may be a while before I do another (If ever).  I need time to recover.  (Back of hand to forehead.)

I’m a bit Meme shy right now.  (Hands held out in front of turned away face to ward off danger.)

I’ll have to think about this Meme business another day.  (Now where did my fainting couch go?  I need to swoon here from the drama.)

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