Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In the Mood to Howl

I’ve been watching all the old Addams Family TV Show on DVD.
Thrown in some Charlie Brown, Corpse Bride, and Hocus Pocus…
And I’m in the mood to send my Gothy self out into the world and howl.

I dream of a Gothy Fantasy life.

I want Morticia for a neighbor.  Wouldn’t that be great.  The fun we would have.  And all that Gothy knitting for sure.

And a Cemetery.  I miss living close to a cemetery.  I grew up with one across the street.

Rooms of Gothy fashion.  Way too much for just one closet.  And besides that, I need the closets for my Skeletons.

A Victorian Mansion on a hill, filled with all the Gothic décor my dark little heart could desire.

Secret passage ways.  Dungeons and a moat.  Caverns under ground.  Bats and tower rooms.

I want it all…

Yes, Howl I feel I must!

Get ready for making your own fun Friends and Fiends…

Halloween is but a few days away.


whitey said...

I am glad to see you back.

Lucretia said...

Oh, yes, let's howl together!! I think most of us could use a Victorian Gothic Mansion, if we really thought about it. But we mustn't forget that if we have the Mansion, we also need Lurch and Thing -- otherwise nothing mundane, like cleaning, would ever get done! ;-)