Thursday, December 29, 2011

On Ideas for New Years Eve or Most Any Occasion:

(Old picture but you get the idea.)

There is a Wonderful, Generous, Gothy, Gentleman by the name of Ray O’Bannon. Without whom some of my better parties and my latest New Years Eve celebrations would have been a flop.

On his website of he has Gothy scary stories, pictures, music, movies, video games, and paper toys all for free and of his own making.

And you can print out the paper toys and build them for yourself.

Need a skull for a center piece? A skeleton for the door? Or some coffin boxes to put favors in? Some monsters for placemarkers at the table? A mask? A haunted house? A small cemetery complete with hearse, coffin and attendant? Board games? Greetings cards? Magic tricks?

There is ever so much to work with there at Ravensblight toys.

Yes, I should have told you about it before Halloween. Or Creepsmas. But I didn’t think.

I use his Hidden Cemetery playset and his Hearse Playsets together along with a few other pieces to kill off and bury the old year on New Years Eve each year.

I used to go out to a real cemetery and bury a jar with a list of the significant things in the last year and a piece of paper with the old year clearly printed on it with a knife through the center on New Years Eve.

But times being what they are and having guests on some years I’ve changes my method of burying the old year along with our yearly build your own pizza party on New Years Eve.

So whether you spend the afternoon making pizza dough and cutting up toppings for yourself and/or your guests. Or you just make of few play things to Goth up the place. Enjoy the toys and the ringing in of the New Year.

* I have no affiliation with Ray O’Bannon or Ravensblight. I just happen to like what he does for others and Goth, and think that more people should know about it. Lady Euphoria Deathwatch

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