Saturday, August 27, 2011

On Ready for Irene:

Ditches are dug, hatches are battened. Water is jugged, batteries are fresh, knitting is on standby, jigsaw puzzles are waiting to be pieced together.

We are ready for a blow!

Mountain Man stopped at a yard sale yesterday and got me a multi puzzle box. Eleven jigsaw puzzles; 2-1000 piece, 3-750 piece, and 6-500 piece of scenes from around the world.

All but one of the puzzle packets have never been opened, so I won’t have to guess about missing pieces as I make my way through the box.

I hope that all in the way of this storm are safe and healthy and stay so until all is over and all are back home and on line once again.

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Severina said...

Swamp fires, an earthquake, and a hurricane have yanked me away from my horrendous novel to visit blogs for the first time in months. I may even knit. Perish the thought!

Hurricane prep down my way involves an entire city converging on the supermarkets like lemmings and laying waste to the bread aisle. I just made sure I had plenty of coffee and said the heck with everything else.

I still have electricity, but I'm not expecting that to be the case later tonight.

More coffee!