Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Not too Busy to Blog a Few Time a Week:

Well, I’m taking a few moments out of my busy days to blog.

I’ve knitted half a sweater, made five gallons of lentil soup and 2 quarts of sour apple preserves and canned it all for the winter months. I’ve cleaned out a chest of drawers. Lost a pound. Weeded in the garden. Read a book, fiction, fantasy, just for fun. I did play a few video games also.

I’ve been organizing photos, both old and new. Needed for requests from my daughter. Now that she is a mommy she wants her own copies of her childhood photos and her child’s ‘grandma’s house’ for the kiddy.

I’ve been airing blankets and feather beds. Patched holes in the walls from moved picture hangings. Sewing split seams, missing buttons, patching holes in work clothes, and making doll clothing for grandkid’s snuggly baby toy. (He would have to fall in love with a naked doll at a second hand sale that he won‘t sleep without.)

I’ve also been watching a lot of old TV re-runs while I work. Listening while I work is more to the point. Did I really sit in true belief, watching them for the first time as a kid? Westerns, Burns and Allen, Dennis the Menace, army/navy comedy shows. All in Black and White.

Was I a gullible child or just a bit too innocent back then? Or did I just want to believe that there where ever so many different paths out there for me to choose from? And all of them, though not free if troubles, all troubles could be handled in an hour at the most. (That was unless you fell in love with the leading player. Then you were doomed.)

I wore my green fairy wings one day because the breeze made me feel like flying when I hung the laundry on the cloths line. Funny how wearing wings make the house work lighter.

I’m wanting to write a few stories if I can find the time to sit at the computer long enough. I took notes of story lines that I came to me while I was away. But most of them are book length and I’m feeling short storyish since I came home. Too busy for more at the moment I guess.

That’s it for now. Gotta’ get back to cooking dinner.

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ScarySweetheart said...

Sour apple preserves?! Those sound delicious. Apples are my favorite fruit... mainly the Granny Smith apples, of course. ;}

I apologize for failing to comment on your posts, friend. I promise to become better about keeping up! You always have such nice writings about your life.

I LOVE that you wore fairy wings while hanging laundry, haha. That's a cute idea. If I still had the fairy wings my mother made for me when I was younger, I'm pretty sure I'd wear them while hanging MY laundry. It's a nice, breezy day outside where I live... plus, I have a TON of laundry to do before going into work tonight!

Best of luck on your stories! My (future) hubby works on writing his story called "The Queen and the Magi" after he comes home from work in the evenings. He'll surprise me with a love letter from time to time. He's a gifted writer. I'm convinced that writers make better companions. ;]

Until next time, with love,

Casandra <3