Friday, October 23, 2009

On The Same but Different:

Mountain Man rushed me out the door early in the morning to see if he was ready for a new dog by visiting the local SPCA.

There was the usual lot of rag tag to well groomed lonely dogs in cages. We walked around a few times to look them all over. In the very back corner was a flea bitten Puggle (Pug Beagle Mix) looking a bit stressed like the rest.

This dog was a male and Mountain Man had stated he was used to a female dog and wanted the same. He was rashy and on meds for a skin infection. He was five years old. He had been there for five days with little interest. I thought it was over when Mountain Man got teary eyed wanting Lady Short back again and he told me that, ‘No other was going to do.’

But… Mountain Man asked to have a one on one visit with this little stranger. After the short time it took for the dog to believe someone wanted to spend some time with him and him alone, the dog let Mountain Man do most anything to him he that had a mind to without complaint, but never once answered to the name written on his paperwork. (Pugs can be aloof at first, but generally like to answer to their name.)

Once Mountain Man decided that it felt like a good enough fit we had to leave him behind to get Lady Long for a ‘meet and greet’ first.

We returned with Lady Long at the meeting time we were given and after a brief sniffing over by both dogs, they went off to sniff out other things in the area. A success! (Were you in doubt?) Paper work and information was past back and forth. License and ID chip info were attached to his new collar. And Sir Laidback (not his real name by the way.) came home with us.

He is well behaved and fairly quiet, listens well and has taken to his new name like he never had another. His rash is growing smaller already and he likes his new crate.

Sir Laidback has one thing that makes us laugh every time. He thinks the wood stove is a sun window without the brightness. Pugs like to sit in a sun puddle on the floor and bake in the warmth. And he finds it the best world ever that has a sun puddle that doesn’t move and is not overly bright.

Sir Laidback fits and it feels almost like he’s been here for months instead of hours.

We still miss Lady Short and a tear comes now and then, but the house does not feel as empty now.


Mouse said...

Awww... welcome to the family Sir Laidback! Congratulations to you & MM on your new addition.

Rebecca Nazar said...

Awwwww, how adorable. Is his nickname going to be Sun Puddle?

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you all. I do love rescuing animals (though I've only done it once). It does feel so good when you find that fit.

I'm glad to see you posting again and am so sorry for the loss of Lady Short.

Light & Blessing,

Judith said...

I'm so glad your house doesn't feel so empty now. There's something about a dog that just heals your heart in a way. At least, that's how I felt when we brought Chance into our lives.

I'm sorry that I missed your earlier posts about Lady Short. It's hard going through those things. I hope Sir Laidback gives you lots of doggie love to heal you.


I was so glad to have adopted Princess last June, because when we had to put Buster down, was terribly sad, but Princess is such a joy to have around.

Welcome, Sir Laidback!