Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Rain, Rain Go Away:

It was raining at my house. It had been raining since the evening before yesterdays wash out. There were light spots at times, but mostly it had been pouring.

The dogs slept for the most part. What makes dogs sleep the rainy days away? They have been domesticated for many generations. Why sleep like the wild animals still do on a rainy day? This one is not for me to know, I guess.

I had been trying to get on the internet all of yesterday morning, but with the wet weather, the competition for telephone lines kept on knocking me offline before I could get the pages loaded for the post to my blog, but I kept on mindlessly trying.

Yesterday afternoon: Still raining. Dogs still sleeping. Internet still a bother. Still couldn’t get on.

Walking the dogs in that rain has been an adventure. Wait until the rain slows down, get the leash and run outside. The dogs hug the house and tiptoe around the puddles. Once they find a spot worth the try it is pouring again and they give up and run to the door. I was fast running out of dog towels drying them off every half an hour or so until they finally ‘did their business.’

Early this morning: No More Rain Today, Please! Oh! Singing the song over and over yesterday worked finally! It stopped sometime in the night. Phew!

There is a Hootie Owl singing in the trees just north of the house for the last few mornings. When Lady Short was first gone it was a sad sound. Now it happily greets me as I walk the dogs first thing in the morning, before it is light.

Not that I’m not still sad about her passing. Its just that it was time for her to go. She was used up and tired. And having a younger and more health dog in the house has livened up the place. I find I’m very glad we did not get a puppy. A puppy would have been too much, too soon. Lady Long is an old dog of twelve herself.

Sir Laidback is just right for us.


Mouse said...

That's how I feel about Captain Jack joining our family.. he's still a 'baby' when it comes to how he acts but he's litter trained and is more of a 'teenager' in size. I'm glad he (literally!) found us.. it makes everything we're going through so much easier with that character in the house!

Judith said...

I think dogs sleep on rainy days because they don't know how to knit. :)