Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On Lady Bugs:

Yesterday afternoon there was a Ladybug bloom in the yard. I was concerned that we wouldn’t have one this year with the early cold and snow. But yesterday the sun was out, the day warmed just enough, and the ladybug rose up out of the grass and into the air like a friendly cloud.

Most people I talk to find their gathering in the autumn annoying. They do find any open window crack or opened door filling the house with dieing bugs on the inside of windows. But I go outside and walk through the lightly held together cloud of bugs lazy flight in the air and let them land on me.

I guess that I should have put on my ladybug wings if I had wanted them to stay on me longer, but I found their tickles on my skin just at the tolerable level, so it was all good.

They would land, crawl a few inches and take off again, only to be replaced with another bug a few moments later. It was peaceful and friendly and happy for a while.

They all left me once I walked into the shade of the oak trees. Leaving me to walk on alone. But the tickle of their touch and the feeling of their friendly visits on me went with me into the rest of the day.

They floated and flew in the sun until the day grew colder. Still, just thinking about them warms my heart.

PS: Mountain Man spent hours looking at older (Not puppies any longer) Pugs and Puggles (pug beagle mix)on the internet, that are looking for a good home. He’s not ready yet, but it helps him fill the empty hours.

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Anonymous said...

Mhh... That sounds wonderful! I wish we could do that here. But our lady bugs aren't actually lady bugs but some kind of japanese beetle that was imported, and sadly they bite.:(

So glad to see you posting again, and so sorry about the loss of Lady Short.

Hugs and Blessings.