Monday, October 26, 2009

On Being a Klutz:

I discovered that someone backed into my mailbox and broke their tail light to pieces. They knocked the mailbox off its post too. Mountain Man repaired it before I could get the camera from the house for a picture, but it was a sight, all dangling backwards like it was. No note or anything. People these days.

I on the other hand, I can’t talk too loudly. I spilled my glass of juice on my laptop computer. I had to wait most of the day until it totally dried out so I didn’t kill it turning it on.

Accidents happen.

Sir Laidback, the dog, is fitting in nicely. He has some problems, but we are adjusting. He can’t see well. Not blind but he looses things easily that he is sighted on. He loves tug games but can’t play catch. If we walk too far head of him he can’t find us without smelling or listening to our calls. He stays close to the house. He prefers to have a leash on when outside and more then fifteen feet from the door. He bumps into things at times in low light. So, now that we know this, we compensate and all is well.

We all have klutzy moments for a lot of different reasons. So I’ll forgive the bump to my mailbox and move on.

I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow.


Rebecca Nazar said...

I got a little bit of wine *hiccup* on my laptop awhile back. My hubby freaked out. I almost split an entire cup of coffee on it the other day, completely soiling my tablecloth instead, thank God.

*sheepish grin* Didn't tell hubby about that one.

BlackCrow said...

Oh boy I have been away too long! Just read all your new posts and its very sad to hear about your little dog departing. Love her little puppy photo...pugs are cute at that age.
But what cool news to hear about your new pouch, I've never heard of a beagle and pug cross. I enjoyed reading about how you found him. The story was very similar to my orange cat many years ago. She was the anti- social, flea bitten, 8 month old cat in the corner. And I wanted a male as I had always grown up with male cats. But as soon as I picked her up there was no way I was going to leave without her. We bonded that moment. But she is gone too and I still tear up when I talk about her..she was pretty special.
Terrific to catch up with you now that I know you have more time to write.
Lots of cuddles to your Sir Laidback and Lady Long!!

Judith said...

Haven't heard from you in a while. You OK? What's going on?