Sunday, October 9, 2011

On Not So Tick-led:

And so goes my life. The sun started to shine again and other things have to go wrong.

First my camera started to die. (Hence the lack of doll house photos I promised you.) The zoom lens stopped working, then the flash stopped, then the timer. It is now at the shop, but the prospects are not looking good.

Than after a few days of no rain. (What you need to know here is what the local weather forecasters said the other day. 'We have had some form of precipitation every week since mid November last year!') That is right 11 months of mostly rain or snow each week!'\

Anyway the ticks came back with a vengeance once the ground dried out a bit! It was like a plague around here. We were finding them on us and the dog faster than we could pick them off when we came into the house.

So I’ve been spraying, and cleaning, and killing ticks as fast as I can. I like to see them sizzle on the wood stove best. Then I know that they are dead.

I’ll get back to the doll house cleaning, fixing, and making of new things as soon as we have the bugs under certain control.

And hopefully with a working camera in hand.

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Shewearscrazywell said...

I do loooove your dollhouses! I want to make dollhouses for my living dead dolls! :) Or at least little rooms set up for them all on a shelf! :) Sorry the ticks have come out in hoards! That's no good at all! Hearts, Janna Lynn