Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On Bed Time:

I was going to blog yesterday, but I was busy.

You see the sewing machine needs to be plugged in where the computer is, so the computer wasn’t on at all through the day and into the night.

I had 3 single beds and 2 twin beds to finish. Including mattresses, pillows and bedding.

You see, I have been fudging it. Using shoe boxes with bandannas, handkerchiefs and/or knitted washrags over them for some beds and cardboard mock-ups for others.

They are still mostly cardboard, but the wooden posts and finials helped a lot once the paint dried.

And the bedding was the topper. Real little pillows in crisp white pillow cases and sheets. Blankets and bed throws, comforters and patchwork quilts too.

Thou I’m still working on the covered bed with the curtains all around, now it is feeling so much more closer to done.

Some day I’ll find or make the rest of the bits and pieces I need to take the pictures for the books I wrote. You know, the things that set the scene in the illustrations to match with the story.

Oh! And there is still a doorway I need to make in the one house and a few windows and window dressing too.

Someday! But at least now that day is closer than it was.


BlackCrow said...

Well it's never a dull moment over here on your blog...wasps, tics, trips..toilets..and amazing doll house renovations! Great to hear you are back working on the doll house project..I love the rocking chair..and the tiny knitting..you know I did that too a few years ago, knitted on tooth picks just to see if I could!
Oh and I just read you have anew story ...I'll bookmark it for tonight...it being Halloween and all...cheerio...xx

Naomie76 said...

It looks great.