Saturday, September 22, 2012

On The Color of Words:

Well it is the first day of Autumn.  It has been feeling and looking a bit like autumn for a few weeks now, but only in a preparation type of way.

The trees are turning now in full, all their bright fury of color.  Loose leaves fly and dance across the grass on the wind.  The woods are opening up and you can see further into them.  Showing their secret places.

I fancy that fairies are having leaf flying races and making the best of it all before winter quiets things down for its season of sleep.

I’ve been busy.  I’m learning a new language.  Well not totally new to me, but I haven’t practiced it in many years.  I am not a multi-language type of person.  I find it very hard.  My mind doesn’t want to change direction in its way of thinking.  Putting subject first, finding a new way to say the same old things, words I know to mean one thing now meaning another.

Autumn is simple.  The preparation of plants transitioning, dieing off or going dormant until the warmth and waters of springtime can start the renewal process once again.  Cycles and circles of life.

I love words in the language I am a custom to.  I like to play with them.  Feel them tripping over me tongue.  Listening to the sounds that they make.  Finding an old word little used.  Discovering new words to add to my vocabulary.

Maybe it is feeling so limited at the start of a new language that makes me so frustrated.  Leaving me unable to get my point across.

No, that is only a part of it.  My brain has enough trouble finding the words I want in the language I’ve been using daily all my life.  I stop and stumble over them by the hour, even thought I love them so.

But love has prompted me to learn this new language.  A fairly new family member should have communication available to them too.  And since I do love how words connect us I am totally committed to learn this new language for her.  I want to talk to her about the colors and my feelings about Autumn.

My new grandbaby is deaf.


Loupie said...

As I was reading this I was thinking how hard I am finding it to learn BSL (British sign language).

Guess I'm not the only one who thinks it worth the effort when it is the only way to communicate with someone you care about.

whitey said...

I am sure she will have love for everything that you do for her! As a grandparent I worry about their future all the time. What will their world be like and the struggle they will endure.