Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On Time Flies:

I haven’t been ignoring you. Really I haven’t. Well not in my head anyway.

I kept on saying to myself, “I have to get the camera and take a picture for my blog friends.” or, “I just have to tell them about this.”

But I kept on doing the spring cleaning in the house or outside, or having this or that little adventure with the dog, and we did do a few small home improvements and they were on Mountain Man‘s schedule.

And the days just slipped through me fingers as I slipped off to sleep tired from another day well spent.

I did get a lot done in the mean time.

I’m pretty sure it all started the day I upgraded some things on the computer and all hell broke loose. Firefox 4 doesn’t work well with the anti virus I have. So I had to remove it and find a place to reapply Firefox 3.(whatever).

Then there was all the other things that stopped working because I took out Firefox 4. Seems like most everything from the disk drive to the new temp keyboard went haywire.

All had to be removed and reapplied. So after a few days of that I got into spring cleaning in a big way, never making time to talk to you. And I hate myself for it.

So the kids are coming in for the weekend. I can’t wait to see the grandbaby again. I did the Grandma thing and ran out to buy a baby swing for him. I hope the weather lets me put it up outside for him to use. Now where did I put my bat stickers? I think it needs the Goth Grandma touch.


CookingChinchillas said...

Glad you are back hun!

Mouse said...

I made the mistake of upgrading Firefox & it didn't play nice with my virus software or much of anything else on my computer. *sigh*
I'm also totally guilty of forgetting that my blog doesn't actually get updated if I just THINK about the posts I want to create...

VictorianKitty said...

Sometimes you just need to take time for "real life" even though it's not always as fun. ;) I'm sure your readers understand. Sorry to hear that FF4 didn't work out for you. I've upgraded two computers to it and haven't had any trouble... so far... *fingers crossed*